How To Pick Up Schoolgirl Sluts

In this post we are going to teach you how to pick up schoolgirl sluts.

1.  Choose an easy target, this can be determined by taking a simple slut level test.  Mini-skirts,  belly shirts and cleavage are all tell tale signs of an easy college schoolgirl whore.  Oh yeah and make sure she is at least 18!!

2.  Act casual.  Make your move accordingly.  Don’t rush into conversation without anything to say.  Make this girl think about you standing there for a minute before you approach her.  She will try to look pretty by looking busy.  This means she is interested.

3.  Initiate conversation.  Compliment her but be cool, don’t let her know your into her too much. Look her in the eyes when you talk to her but don’t look so intense you freak her out.  Remember be cool, this chick decides whether she wants to fuck you in the first 3 minutes of conversation.  After that if you play your cards right, you’ll be inside that sweet coed schoolgirl pussy in no time.

4.  Get her walking.  Don’t stand around too long.  The best shot at hooking up with a schoolgirl slut is the first time you meet her.  This ensures your relationship does not fall into the friend category.  Slide things into your coversation pertaining to cool things you can do at your house or somewhere else you can get her alone.  Pro Tip: Peek the goods whenever possible.  If she lets you peek the skirt, then you have chosen your schoolgirl slut target well.  Good job.

5. Don’t jump on her the second you get her alone.  Chill out, relax, make her feel comfortable with you.  Do something regular with her like watch tv, bitches love tv.  You have to make her laugh.  If you can make a slutty schoolgirl giggle, then she will definitely let you touch her in her naughty spots.  It’s like math for hormones.  She laughs, it means rub my pussy.

6. Time to go in for the kill. Be firm and take ownership of that tight little schoolgirl pussy.  You will have that fresh little teen mouth on your cock soon, but don’t rush.  Schoolgirls love to make out,  you gotta make out with a chick to get to 4th base.  Bite her lips gently, kiss her neck, grab her boobs, girls dig that all that kind of touchy intimate behavior.

The most important thing to remember, when she says she’s not on birth control don’t do what this guy did and give her a regretful schoolgirl creampie or you’ll end up sorry like mommy Alexis Grace and this chump!

Have a fetish for schoolgirls in uniforms getting unexpected naughty creampies?  Check it.

Update: December 7, 2018

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