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Japanese Cosplay Bunnies Live Sex Shows

By 69violets  //  Live Cams

Cosplay from Japan in it’s finest form, live Japanese bunnies.  Meet Tokyo’s hottest bunny cam girls Limu and Nami & discover the world of cosplay and sex from the Orient, without ever having to leave home.

There is something about a nubile Japanese girl wearing a bunny suit that will leave you twitterpated and begging for more.  Perhaps it’s their cute big eyes combined with those soft bunny ears or the fishnets leading up to the high cut panties with the button tail that perfectly shapes their tight JAV booties.


Schoolgirl Angie Pink Destroyed By Gang Facials

By 69violets  //  Bukkake

Not so sweet amateur college schoolgirl Angie Pink has never been involved in gangbang and this is Angie’s very first bukkake.  Not only does this blonde slut take on the 8 guys you see in lined up waiting for some cock slut attention, but the director and camera man give her a shoot of their special man juice too.  Angie Pink gets cumshot after cumshot until she is almost drowning in man milk!  Just as this schoolgirl thinks she is done and couldn’t take one more cumshot, she is doused with more facials.  This scene is brand new (shot this month by Torbe) and released to the member’s of Freak Bukkake on April 14th, 2011 and given exclusively to Porn Corporation, you won’t see this first time bukkake anywhere else!

These bukkake pics are nothing compared to the movie of Angie Pink getting creamed and facialized by this huge group of horny hard dick gangbangers.


New Bizarre Site Launched: Midget Porn Pass

Creepy right?  It is a strange niche, midget porn… Such an enticing, bizarre, oddity of nature.  Midgets are such insatiable little fuckers!  So small and sooooo horny.  I was shocked at how horny these little people really are. You’ll be shocked too.  Midgets are some of the horniest people on Earth, I swear.  You have to watch this movie of this little guy go, he is like the energizer bunny!  He just keeps going and going and going and she just keeps cumming.  Damn, good for you bro, he deserves a fucking medal. This midget puts full size men to shame, especially when his little penis produces a big cumshot you would expect from King Kong.

What about this odd lesbian couple.  Kind of disturbing, isn’t it?  A big fat BBW slut and a tiny midget whore.  Not your typical sexy babe lesbian porn.  Somehow, I still want to watch this train wreck and maybe even masturbate to it.  I guess I am just a pervert, but this is some weird shit.  Can’t help but posting this bizarre porn with Midget Daysha and pint sized pussy licking fat whore Anna Paige.

Sexy midget bitch Jenny can hardly hold her tiny body up while she is being fucked, meanwhile… Back at the ranch some hot blonde slut is fucking a midget who came to life from a gargoyle statue.  I said it was bizzarre porn, right?  You haven’t even seen the midget gangbang yet.

Midget gangbang slut Bridget takes on four cocks.  She seems tough but you can tell this little badass tart is struggling.  Between the size of there HUGE average to little cocks and rapid fire of dick in all of her orifices, this little slut really keeps up.  Good thing these dudes aren’t any younger, they would break that little midget slut right in half!  It’s worth the dollar alone to see this bizarre midget porn gangbang video, not to mention the 150+ sites you get for your $1.00 to gain full access to Midget Porn Pass.


Japanese Cosplay At The Sakura Studio

By 69violets  //  Japanese

5 foot, 94 lbs. 18 year old Japanese teen violet does hardcore live sex shows and Japanese porn. In an exclusive cam to cam interview with violet she told Porn Corporation that, “…in her spirit she was a true nymphomaniac and loved sex”, right before inserting a large bubbled dildo into her ass and begged for us to fuck her anal.  These sexy photos were taken in Tokyo at the Sakura Live studio. Sexy cam girl who goes by the screen alias of violet on Sakura Live Cams and has come into the studio today as an AV model to do a photo shoot for a sexy cosplay hardcore sex scene for Sakura On Demand.


Virtual Sex Games For Fetish Enthusiasts

This is the best 3D sex game I have come across in my hunt for the best 3D porn video games. Between the smooth and precise 3D gameplay and variety of controllers to adjust camera angles, speed and motion ranges, sex acts and the detailed manu for character customization this game has it all.  Tweak your 3D girl, guy or multiple characters to your exact desires.  Choose from a selection of hair styles, outfits,  public hair, breast size and shape, cock size and shape and skin, eye, hair colors and facial features.  Choose your locations, story lines, fetish, costumes, toys, design your fantasy to every last detail to down to her boots your going to cum on.  Best part of this game is the free download. 3D sex game download for free.

Get your free copy of this 3D fetish sex game and start playing with this 3D interactive porn video game.  No spyware, no adware, no viruses and no bullshit.  Discover the Vstroker compatible software and Fleshlight virtual fucking controller via this 3D Porn sex game virtual reality has never been so advanced.


Ashli Orion Squirts Like A Fucking Fountain

By 69violets  //  Squirting

Ashli is not only capable of squirting but this waterfall teen pussy is a Big League Squirter.  Bet you didn’t think tight little teenie pornstar Ashli Orion was a gushing squirter?  Me either, until I saw this wet and wild evidence.

When we said like Ashli Orion squirts like a fountain, we fucking meant it! There is more than enough pussy juices there to ruin the upholstery, be-careful someone could slip and fall and sue for extremely slippery pussy juices!

How did such a sweet teen girl produce so much gushing cum squirting from her tight little pussy?  Ashli Orion wins the gold in this week’s watersports extreme.

What a dirty little whore Ashli Orion and her wet spewing twat are!  He should spank her for making such a mess and squirting all over his cock and living room!


Mom & Daughter Fight Over Cock In A Threesome

Mom and daughter combo milf Jessie & teen Alyssa are spitting images of each other.  This mom and daughter fuck team are always trying to show each other up.  Fighting and scraping over cock the entire threesome!

Cute blonde Alyssa is a real hot teen, you can see that she got her looks from her mother’s side of the family!  Like mother, like daughter… meaning they are both a pair of sluts.

Mom Jessie is all pissed off her daughter Alyssa is getting the rambone instead of her.  Wait your turn mom!  I’m using your boyfriend cock right now, just wait until I cum all over it first.

They switch off and Jessie snubs her nose at her cockless daughter and tells her she is going to show how a real pro fucks. Momma shows her how it’s done.

Teen Alyssa tries to steal the stud away from her mom while he is fucking her milf pussy.  Lucky bastard!

Sour mom masturbates while she watches her daughter getting fucked by her boyfriend.  Mom is jealous but her boyfriend and daughter kept insisting this had to be a family affair!

Mom and daughter duo of Jessie & Alyssa smile for the cock and receive their creamy milk medal in mom and daughter cock sharing 101.


Spin On My Cock: Lexi Bloom

By 69violets  //  Pornstars

Sexy maid Lexi Bloom does a little more than dust the table, She wipes this sucker clean with her pussy juices & rides the owner’s cock like it’s Mardi Gras!

The specially designed spinning table with Lexi Bloom’s tight teen pussy on it circles while the cock underneath stays in the same spot spinning her around!

Petite teen maid Lexi Bloom laughs and giggles as she starts to cum before she convulses into hot screaming orgasms!  The table has this effect on chicks.

Maid Lexi can’t thank her boss enough for giving her pleasure with his big cock and magic spinning sex table so she shows her appreciation by taking his monster load on her perfect face!


Double Penetration In 3D Leaves Teen Wrecked

By 69violets  //  3D Porn

Sweet teen Ellie gets blindsided by her friends when they take advantage of this teen slut and double stuff her tight little teen holes.  This hardcore 3D porn leaves teen Ellie trashed and her holes torn!

Teen Ellie can’t even tell up from down, she is covered in cum spinning and literally fucked into delirium!  These big cock studs trashed her once tight teenie pussy and destroyed her ass into a gaping hallway, then left her dripping cum from her chin like she was the center of attention at a bukkake party.  Porn in 3D has never looked so good.  Play this movie free at this kickass free 3D porn tube.

More Real 3D Porn from Porn Corporation:  Real 3D Porn3D Porn Category.


WARNING: Never Seen Before Brutal Fisting

By 69violets  //  Fisting

Brutal Fisting brings you the most extreme fisting sex in the history of porn.  This site is a brand spanking new porn site that is guaranteed to be unique to say the least.  Check out first time fister exotic teen Inessa get ass reamed by Dusia.  She starts with stretching a finger in her ass and somehow manages to cram her whole hand up there.  This is an oddity of nature, bizarre and hardcore porn to say the least.  This is fisting at it’s most extreme hour, beautiful women, big fists, little asses & pussies and hardcore fisting sex.  If you’re into fisting, this site is for you.  The production value of these porn movies is high above average with an nearly untouched niche, brutal fisting is like nothing you’ve ever seen before.  These images depict her pulling that fist out of Inessa’s tight teen ass to spew anal jelly everywhere!  Crazy. Not only is she stretched out but her ass actually prolapses shoving the insides of her asshole to the outside air, it doesn’t get more hardcore than anal prolapsing.  You’ve never even seen a cherry hole until you’ve seen anal prolapsing.  Those pictures are just too graphic to put on our site, you’ll have to see them on Brutal Fisting.

Notice the rectal juices pouring out of Inessa’s stretched asshole and dirtying up the nice white sheets.  Brutal fisting has real babes, with real hardcore fisting, with real consequences, which sometimes means our teens need to buy new sheets, other times they have to wear diapers afterwards.  It started out so innocently until pervert Dusia decided to cram her whole arm up Inessa’s ass!

Inessa and Dusia aren’t the only two twisted teens into brutal fisting sex… Trust me this site is full of perverted fist fucking teens that will just make your jaw drop and your dick hard.  It’s fucking unbelievable!

Isabella & Viktoria are quite the pair of anal fisting lesbians, both hands?  Holy shit, these bitches are hardcore anal fist fuckers.

How about fist addicted milf Janet and her hairy hand filled pussy cunt brutally stretching it apart with her big freckled fist?  Didn’t we see Janet recently in Moms Teaching Teens in this article from Porn Corporation in a threesome with her daughter Amber?  Fuck she is one kinky, fucked up, sex addicted MILF!

Mmm, twin sisters Margo and Kasey share everything including fisting eachother’s European pussies.  You can never trust a twin, because you know their sister already owns that pussy steak!

Susan & Melly get crazy and fist fuck each other like pro boxers!  These girls are not delicate flowers, they are insane, dirty, depraved, fist fucking perverts!

Amateur teen lesbians cuties agree to play a game of good ol’ fisty-cuffs.  Nomy goes first as sweet blondie Leena pounds her fist into her friend’s tight juicy twat!

Brunette babe Miki holds teen dream Spice down and shoves her entire fist up her never before been fisted pussy.  This teen twat is ruined forever!  The porn director Steve of Brutal Fisting is destroying the cunts of teen girls like never before, this is the same sick fuck that brought you Brutal Dildos [read more from Porn Corp] and Dildo Machine Sex.  Luckily, when you become a member to brutal fisting you get access to all of Steve’s fucked up porn adventures in extreme insertions, bizarre sex and porn being pushed to the limits.  This guy is out of control, but the brutal bitches he shoots don’t seem to mind!  This is one new porn site you shouldn’t miss, not strictly for it’s unique factor but also for it’s amazingly hot banging babes!

Free Brutal Fisting Flash Movie Galleries [HD in Member’s Area]

Spice & MikiOlga & XeniaNomi & LeenaMissy & TobiMargo & KaseyJanetIsabella & ViktoriaInessa & DusiaClara & ProxyBlake & ArielAnita & OlgaAbby & Lena

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