Airport Security Called On Farrah Abraham

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Farrah Abraham airport dispute gets the airline security police called on her.

It was reported that today, May 11th Farrah Abraham was preparing to board a flight via LAX when she showed up earlier with an over sized duffle bag. The bag check women disputed that she could not pass through security without checking her bag. Farrah Abraham agreed to check her bag but claimed the women working behind the baggage check counter was rude to her.  That’s when apparently {as the story goes} Teen Mom & new anal sex star Farrah Abraham told the airport worker she was acting like “trash” and asked to speak to her supervisor.  That’s when the airport security showed up!  Farrah Abraham stated her case with the airport cops but they were not impressed with her as an airline customer but let her off with a warning saying to “be more respectful”.  Farrah Abraham proceeded to make her flight with any further interruption only to tweet out to the world her thoughts & stance on the matter.  “I thought American Airlines was good apparently they need better customer service , never flying with them again 🙂 #CallThePolice”

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Do you think that Farrah Abraham’s new found fame has gone to her head after beating Kim’s record? Let’s back it up a minute to understand this.  Her career began with starring in MTV’s Teen Mom reality tv show.  Farrah & Kim’s next memorable spotlight was on Twitter in December of 2011 which lead to online fights with the Kardashian’s after Farrah Abraham allegedly tweeted out, “I’m Shocked Kourtney Kardashian is pregnant again,”… “Did she not learn anything from TEEN MOM? Maybe its a fake pregnancy like Kim’s wedding SAD.”  or perhaps Farrah Abraham was just looking for some attention.  Currently all the news has been about Farrah Abraham’s Vivid anal porn video released, Farrah Superstar: Backdoor Teen Mom.  Once again colliding in the news with Kim Kardashian, however this time is was less of a fight and what some have been calling a total knockout on Farrah’s behalf after her sex tape got more than 2 million viewers within 12 hours beating Kim Kardashian’s #1 record of 600,000 views in 12 hours.

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You be the judge, do you think Farrah Abraham was being difficult in the airport due to her new found superstar fame or have you recently had a bad experience with customer service in the airport?  We’re unbiased to the issue at hand… All we really care about was how HOT Farrah Abraham’s anal sex tape was.  If you haven’t seen it get your pass to Vivid Celeb for only $4.95 & watch both Kim Kardashian’s sex tape and Farrah Abraham’s new anal porn video & feel free to compare the two!  Personally Kim is a total hottie, but Farrah takes it in the ass!  How can you argue with that?  Watch FARRAH SUPERSTAR:  BACKDOOR TEEN MOM now & see her masturbating in a limo, taking a shower and having hardcore, uninhibited anal sex!

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