Chloe Chanel: Sweetheart or Bitch?

Cali blonde Chloe Chanel may look like a sweet innocent girl who couldn’t harm a fly, but you’re wrong.  Chloe has been a naughty girl and she’s loving it!  We all know Chloe as a real sweetheart so who could ever call this green eyed blonde babe a bitch?  Well, maybe the guy in the pictures below getting his dick bitten off, nuts stepped on, balls kicked and dick punched by none other than cute Chloe Chanel.  Media stir? No, Chloe Chanel is just a hot ball busting porn star!

If you call a girl kicking, biting, punching, squeezing and flicking a man’s genitalia a bitch?  Then yes, Chloe is a bitch with a capital B, however she also made this guy cum all over her and he seemed to love the abuse so this sweetheart is for 2 for 2.  Hear him scream from her unique cock and balls pleasure abuse in the hardcore movie at Extreme Ball Busters right now!  For more free ball busting pics and vids check out our favorite ball busting blog Ball Thrasher featuring more posts just like this, or check out the Porn Corporation ball busting category.

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