Real Gloryhole In A Phoenix Adult Video Store: Lexi

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Sweet girl next door in real gloryhole.

This is refreshing, a real gloryhole in an adult store.  Pay $5 for the porn videos to play and get sucked off for free.  Meet today’s local Phoenix, AZ amateur girl Lexi, who actually came here because her boyfriend found out about the video store gloryhole and thought it would be a big turn on if she was the girl behind the booth.  Not your typical boyfriend fantasy but whatever.  If he wants to see his chick blow 20 dudes, then more power to them, because I don’t think you could ever get this girl to step inside a gloryhole otherwise.  So lucky us!

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So here’s how it works.  The girl of the day is inside the booth [Saturday only], there is a line up of guys outside the booth.  In both sides of the booth there is a porn video player you put a bill in to get the movies channels started, this is required by the adult video store.  $5 gives you more than enough time for her to make you cum.  Otherwise it’s free, pay for the porn for you both to watch and enjoy the gloryhole experience!

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Lexi takes more cumshots in the gloryhole in 20 minutes than I can count!  At first she was nervous, after a while she was too busy to be nervous!  Service those cocks and drink that cum.  Every regular girl’s gloryhole dream.  Go to Phoenix and be a part of this scene for real.

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You have to watch these real gloryhole movies with everyday sluts from Phoenix.  Lexi was especially cute, and she handled all the guest cocks very well considering she is new to managing more than 1 cock at once!  Watch her video.

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Amateur gloryhole in video store.

It is rare to find content this real anymore on the internet with all the fake tits, fantasy stories and typical porn whores… almost every scene you find nowadays has a director and a “script”.  Not at Gloryhole Hustlers.  It’s time to back to the real nitty-gritty of sex, with real amateur sluts doing dirty things we would actually pay to see or do to them!  This shines through the pure gloryhole spirit and the dirty x-rated adult movie store you don’t want your wife or boss to catch you going into!

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