Adrianna Nicole’s Tiny Dick Humiliation Story

By 69violets  //  CFNM

Horny dance girls strip down their teacher to reveal his "little"secret, his small penis!

Adrianna Nicole and her sexy friend decide to get frisky at a dance lesson and strip down their instruction only to find the size of his penis was incredibly tiny!

Girls can be so cruel, what mean cunts these hot girls are laughing at his extra small package!

These blonde bitches laugh at his small curved and crinkled penis but he can’t help but being turned on even though he is as embarrassed as hell.

Naughty CFNM blonds point and measure up their male dance teacher's finger sized dick.

They poke and prod at his tiny penis until they promise to stop laughing and play with it like it was a full size penis!  It’s almost unbearable to watch.

Real CFNM porn with hardcore small penis humiliation and sex stories.

These girls are having too much fun, Finally this guy gets some love as they stroke his tiny dick with their big delicate girly hands.  Poor fucker.  These girls will laugh about this one for the rest of their lives.

That is a lot of tongue surface area on such a tiny little penis! Lucky bastard.

Damn, 2 mouths on that small penis doesn’t seem natural!  I guess this small dicked guy gets lucky in the end as these hot blonde pornstars take pity and show his little penis that it can still squirt as much cum as a big penis!  Real life porn stories acted out sure can be interesting from CNFM Secret.

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