Exploring Human and Alien Interspecies Sex

Bizarre Azurite Alien interspecies sex comic.

Azurite Aliens are easy to spot by their blue bodies, rounded head and pointed ears. You may recognize this alien species from familiar Hollywood movies such as “Avatar” based on secret real life communications between the Azurites and Earth beings.  Not only are we [humans] in contact with aliens, we are exploring interspecies coitus and interspecies reproduction of new half breeds mixing our DNA with the elusive female Azurite alien.  Sexual psychokinesis and telepathic powers are heightened between interspecies couples when involving in the act of consummation of a relationship through sexual intercourse thus creating interdimensional portals for the transmigration of two souls before death provoking the reincarnation of not only the souls but birthing an entire new elemental universe.  Continue reading about Azurite sexual transcendence.

Blue female alien with big tits fucking a human guy.

Big tit naked alien sex comics.

Are you interested in learning more about sexual exultation through interspecies pairing and interdimensional coitus?  Join the BE Story Club to gain the collective knowledge about breeding with the Azurite Aliens and more information about this & other species of outer atmosphere beings.

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